We’re Unique 独特教法

Learning to read and count are not the only skills we teach.

Learning Mandarin

Our children are encouraged to think for themselves, to explore something new, to solve own problems, and to express themselves freely. Our kids have lots of fun learning through play.

Working with the Montessori materials allows kids to develop concentration, make new discoveries and refine learnt skills and concepts. The opportunities to learn and work alone, with peers or teachers, allow kids to develop skills academically, socially and emotionally.
Our unique teaching method is based on the Montessori philosophy of materialising abstract concepts through the use of concrete teaching and learning apparatus. Lessons and ideas are presented to children through the use of a combination of concrete, sensorial didactic Montessori materials, the most up-to-date books and worksheets, and electronically available resources like the Internet, software, web-based/ online.

We believe in maintaining a learning environment that is ‘organic’.

While we hold true the Montessori philosophy by maintaining a comprehensive range of learning apparatus, we constantly strive to keep up with the ever changing needs of the children and the society that they live in.

Our list of learning materials, curriculum and lessons are regularly being fine-tuned, updated and upgraded. Resources are invested to facilitate the addition of new and relevant teacher-produced, and readily available commercial materials.

We recognise the unique learning styles and needs of children.

We allow them to explore and ‘really’ learn a new concept through manipulating concrete materials, where they can feel, touch, smell, see, listen, even taste, to ‘fully’ understand a new concept, idea or skill.

Use of books, worksheets and other materials are introduced to supplement and refine learning, by application and repetition.

Video presentations, the Internet, online lessons, and computers are used during many lessons to make learning more fun, interactive and effective.

Story telling, flashcards, brainstormings, mind-mappings and discussions form part of the daily lessons, aimed at facilitating learning for children of different learning styles.

Starfall's English Phonics ProgrammeProgramme, CD software, text books and workbook used for Mandarin lessons

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