2015 Nov & Dec School Holidays Workshop

Dear Parents,

Please find out exciting, action packed school holiday workshops for the children. Sign up early to book a place and enjoy our discounts and gifts.

Have a pleasant day.

Kind regards,

Karen Wong

Principal/ Founder

BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten by Kids Love Learning

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T. +603 77253225



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BRAIN CHAMPS Concert tomorrow, Sunday 1 November 2015

Dear Parents,

Hope you are as excited as your child with regards to tomorrow’s concert! We would like to remind you of a few things, to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves at the concert without too much stress 🙂

1. Be punctual, arrive at the scheduled times for rehearsal.
2. Bring enough drinking water and change of clothes for your child, just in case.
3. DO NOT WASH or ALTER your costumes, as they are rented. The supplier will charge a damage fee if the costumes are returned damaged. If the costume is loose, our teachers have safety pins and other materials to fasten the costume. Just dress your child in his/her costume when s/he comes for the rehearsal.
4. Your child may wear his/her costume home. You need to RETURN the costumes the next day, on MONDAY. If you think your child(ren) will be absent, please change right after the concert and return the costume the class teacher.
5. Label all your child’s belongings, using marker pens or stickers.
6. Certificates and Diplomas are dummies, only for the purpose of tomorrow’s ceremony. The actual certificates and diplomas will be given to your child during the week.
7. Light refreshment is provided for children, parents, and visitors with tickets. You do not need to bring snacks for your child, unless s/he has a special dietary requirement.
8. Your tickets are issued according to your participation form, and through your communications with our teachers. Kindly collect your tickets at the Registration table at the theatre entrance when you arrive.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further clarifications.

Have a good day, rest well, see you all tomorrow!

Kind regards,
Karen Wong

BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten 2015 Annual Concert & Graduation

Dear Parents,

Please find below the details and latest programme for our coming BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten 2015 Annual Concert & Graduation:

Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Gardens Theatre, Level 6, North Tower, The Gardens Mall, KL

4.00pm to 4.45pm Rehearsals for K1 & K2 students
4.45pm to 5.30pm Rehearsals for N1 & N2 students
4.30pm to 5.30pm Snacks for parents & children (please use this time for your children to touch up their make-up, change, use the toilets etc.)
6pm to 6.30pm Certificates presentation by class, for N1 to K1. Diploma presentation individually, for K2 students.
6.30pm to 7.30pm Concert
7.30pm to 7.45pm End of concert (wrap up)

Seatings are allocated based on class zones (N1, N2A, N2B, K1 & K2), by families. You will be given your tickets and the allocated seating zones. The individual seats are however not numbered.

1. You are required to remain in your seats throughout the event, as your movements will distract the young children. Also, please refrain from using your flash to video or photograph the children, as it is also a distraction.

2. We have our official photographer and videographer for the rehearsal, certificates and concert. Photos of your child will be available for downloading from our website when they are ready, without any charges. A complimentary DVD of the entire event will also be given to you before the end of the school term.

3. You are adviced to bring along drinking bottle with enough water for your child to last, and a set of changing clothes.

4. As we do not have guards at the entrance during the rehearsals and concert, all parents are required to take care of their children when they are not with their class teachers, i.e. when rehearsals and concert are over, during snacks etc. Your child(ren) are required to stay within the compound of the theatre, from the point of registration until the end. Adults may re-enter the compound but we ask for your cooperation to minimise this movement, as we do not have enough teachers to take care of the doors while rehearsals and concert are going on.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are truly excited for a memorable experience with you and your child(ren). See you soon!

Thank you.

Karen Wong
Principal, BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please be adviced that the air quality has not changed much today, our API reading in Petaling Jaya remains in the high 100s. As such, we will close the school on Thursday, 22 October, following the MOE’s mandate.


You may continue to send your child to school if s/he is in the full-day programme (latest pick up is 7pm).

However, we insist that you provide 3 masks each day, so that we have enough clean masks for your child to last through the day. Please be aware that the school is fully air-cond but the worsening thick haze still penetrates, we regret that we will not be held liable for any respiratory related and other illnesses that may be the result of exposure to the haze for long hours.

Enrichment classes will be replaced next week. Kindly look out for updates in your child’s message book.

Thank you.

Karen Wong


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Please be informed that the school has made the decision to be CLOSED tomorrow, Wednesday, 21 October 2015, due to the worsening haze condition, as it is also affecting our classrooms. There will be NO classes and daycare for the day.

We understand that some of the daycare parents may not have the opportunity to apply for leave, so we will allow these children to return to the school for the morning until lunch time (1pm). However, we would like to advice you that your children should stay at home as the haze is defintely affecting the classrooms today.

And to all the parents, kindly keep your children at home, and wait for further notice regarding the situation for Thursday, as it all depends on the haze condition.

Kindly contact me at 019 911 1208 should you need further clarifications.

Thank you.

Karen Wong