For Parents 家长特区

2013 School Calendar 学校日历

Click to view 2013 Calendar

2013 Kindergarten Timetable 幼儿园课程表

Curricular activities for the month: Week 1 Art | Week 2 Water Play | Week 3 Craft | Week 4 Art | Week 5 Craft

Click to view 2013 Kindergarten Timetable

Kindergarten & Daycare Enrollment Form


If you wish to enroll your child to any programme offered by Kids Love Learning, kindly download and print out the enrollment form. You may send the completed form to us at our kindergarten, by post or by email. Please attached the following:

  1. Copy of child’s birth certificate.
  2. Two (2) Passport-size picture of child.
  3. Copy of child’s immunisation record.
  4. Copy of child’s & parents’ Mykid/ ICs
  5. Please make an extra copy of the last page of the Enrollment Form – Important Notes, return the signed copy to the school.

Click to view the Enrollment Form

Download a copy of the Enrollment Form

Parents Handbook/ Admission Handbook 家长手册

The Handbook was put together with all children at Kids Love Learning in mind. It contains important information about an overview of the school, programmes offered, school policies, rules and regulations. Please download and keep a copy, take time to read it through. We appreciate very much your kind attention on the items highlighted in the Handbook. Your cooperation is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the school. Together we can maintain the most desirable environment for your child’s overall development in the foundation years.

Download a copy of Admission Handbook

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