Fun Learning 乐学

This video is a photo collection of kindergarten students at Kids Love Learning, having tons of fun while they learn and grow.

Real reading (not just memorising words), and real mathematics skills are acquired through the Montessori approach, progressively, from concrete to abstract. You will know if our children truly ‘know their stuff‘, when their skills are put to the test, like reading a book chosen randomly, or asked to solve a random math problem.

Explorations and discoveries are key learning strategies of our ‘multi-sensory’ approach. Children’s natural curiosity at the early years is the best motivator for learning. To satisfying this thirst for knowledge, the ‘information rich’ environment is prepared for the children. This environment engages the children in productive and effective learning, without being ‘forced’. The natural love of learning is nurtured gradually in this manner.

Having a solid foundation and mastery of each skill level allows the children to advance to the next level with ease and confidence.We don’t meaninglessly ‘push’ our children to artificially achieve something by rote learning, or memory. Through our systematic model of early childhood education and the guidance of our well-trained teachers, children at Kids Love Learning enjoy meaningful learning all the time.

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