2015 Concert & Graduation Photos – 2nd Batch

Dear Parents,

Hope you have managed to download the photos of your children from the link we sent you. We have in total 800 photos taken from the concert & graduation. There are currently 500 photos on our google drive, and we can only maintain up to 500 photos at a time. Kindly download what you require, by 26th Dec, so that the following day, 27th Dec, we can delete those on the drive and upload the balance 300 photos, which are mainly performance photos of K1 & K2 classes, for your viewing and downloading.

We ask for your cooperation to not make any amendments to the photos on the drive.

Thank you very much.

Have a Merry Christmas and safe travels.

Kind regards,
Karen Wong
Principal, BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten & Daycare

Photos from Concert – Invitation to collaborate

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Photos from Concert

Sender's profile photoDear Parents,

Finally, the 2016 Annual Concert & Graduation photos are edited, loaded, and ready for your viewing and downloading. Please follow the link provided to access the photos from google drive.

Thank you.

Karen Wong
Principal, BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten & Daycare


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BRAIN CHAMPS Updates December 2015

Dear Parents,

Hope this email finds you well.

Annual Concert & Graduation

We had a really successful annual concert and graduation, thanks to the full support of our parents and children. I hope you and your child had as much fun as our teachers, and that the children’s and your experience was a memorable one.
You should have been given the DVD of the event just before the end of term, and the photos are being processed for your downloading soon. You will be notified via email.

School Holiday Workshops

Our super fun and exciting holiday workshops are now into the 4th Week, some of the photos and videos are available for parents’ viewing our our facebook: www.facebook.com/kindergartenchildcare

New Operations Manager

We are pleased to welcome Ms Bie to our management. She was one of the first 2 teachers that started the school with me in year 2007, and she has studied for Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and has extensive skills in teaching children and she is a qualified trainer for early childhood teachers.
She has been training our school teachers for the school holiday workshops and daycare activities planning. She is in the process of planning out our Montessori Culture lessons, which will include exciting activities to teach young children Geography, Science & History, taking the lessons out of the books! You will see more of her in the new year.

Exciting New Year 2016
2016 is a fresh new year for BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten, with many improvements in the process and additions of many new activities, improved core subjects, new co-curricular, new menus, we can’t wait to see the happy intelligent faces of our children when they return to school!

Our 2016 Calendar, Quarterly Lesson Schedule, Class Timetable and Daycare Timetable will be available this week, look out for our email in the next few days.

New ‘Friday Sunday School’

As part of our endeavour to nurture our children, we are introducing a new spiritual growth programme for the non-Muslim children. On Friday mornings, from 9.15 to 10am, I will be conducting our very own Pre-school Children’s Bible study class, teaching them God’s words and the love of Christ, through engaging Bible adventure stories, fun activities, memory verses, art & craft, worksheets and games. I have been leading the Children’s Ministry of the Holy Trinity Church Bukit Bintang (HTBB), a church plant by Nicky Gumbel’s Holy Trinity Brompton Church, UK. Parents who are interested to help serve at these life-changing sessions are welcome to contact me. Sessions are free of charge.

Also, as part of our effort to build on our relationships with the parents, we are in the planning to introduce the Alpha Parenting Children Course in the second half of 2016. It is designed for parents with or without a Christian faith, aimed to provide practical help for parents to make the best of their family life, build strong foundations, meeting their children’s needs and maintaining healthy couple relationship.

Ex-teacher Ms Sim Soo See

Ms Sim has resigned and she is no longer under our employment. She joined us a few years ago without any teaching experience or qualification in early childhood, but a love for children. Under my training and sponsored professional trainings, Ms Sim has evolved to become a class and subject teacher, much loved by the children and parents. With the experience and contacts that she gained from her time with us, she is now operating her own daycare centre which is less than 1Km from us!

I am proud of her confidence but certainly not able to appreciate her marketing tactics for her her centre. I was shocked to have discovered from parents and teachers that she has been asking parents to join her centre verbally, and physically inserting her centre’s business card into student’s bags, without giving me any notice or getting any approval from me. This to me means disloyalty and unethical business conduct. I always treated our teacher with fairness and generosity: she was on fully paid maternity leave for 2.5 months and full paid emergency and compassionate leave for the passing of her father, then mother, for another at least 1 month; and her 2 children has received free education for the entire time that she is with the school. Ms Sim definitely has a distorted way of showing appreciation.

As a parent myself, I understand that you have the free choice to choose the best for your child. We welcome you to make comparisons, and will understand if you found something better for your child that we have not been able to provide. Nonetheless, please give us any suggestions for improvements, as it is our tradition and promise to advance and grow each year through improvisation of the various areas in our school, teachers, and management.

Truly, there are not many things that we cannot do as a team, if we want to improve the school. You have given us your support and many valuable comments and ideas throughout the years, which we are gradually implementing each year. We are grateful and looking forward for your continued trust and support, as we build the perfect learning environment and a safe place for our children to grow and socialise.

I wish you all a happy holiday, safe journey to those who will be travelling, and a blessed Christmas to those who are celebrating.

Looking forward to another amazing year with you and your children!

Kind regards,

Karen Wong
Principal , BRAIN CHAMPS Kindergarten & Daycare