It has been 5 FANTASTIC YEARS since Kids Love Learning kindergarten first started!

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A simple need of a new mum 5 years ago – to give the best early childhood education to her children during the formative years, turned into a passion for running a Montessori kindergarten that offers first class early years education.

Ms Karen, founder and principal, like every parent, wanted the best for her children. Her research for the best early years education method started when her first born, Joseph, was just a few months old. It led her to the Montessori method – a simple philosophy of how children should be guided during the most important years of their lives, when their personalities are formed.

Like a sponge, children during the formative years easily absorb and learn from his/her environment. Given proper guidance within this rich environment that offers meaningful learning materials, interesting activities, and supportive, knowledgeable and sensitive adults, Dr Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori method, believed that the child is on the path of a positive, life-long learning journey that will lead him/her to greater successes in life.

Similar to Ms Karen’s own believe, Montessori’s approach is based on respecting the children. Research shows that children learn through modeling and imitation. If we show them respect, love and compassion, they can pick up these values and they become part of the children’s personality. It is through this peaceful, child-focused education approach, that children become adults with the potential to lead the world to greater achievements.

Along with the children, Kids Love Learning grown stronger and better from year to year. Together with the management and its team of dedicated teachers, the school would like to say a BIG “thank you” to the children, parents and families, the community and business partners who supported and grown with the school in the past few years.

MORE for the Children

This year, we wish to give back to the children, parents and community by offering MORE values, in terms of more materials, more facilities, more space, more programmes and activities. From June 2012, we will be extending our school to the house next door. The extension will allow us to make learning even more fun and effective for the children. A new library, thematic hand-painted walls, organic garden, music and dance corner, pet corner, computer station, AV station and more, will be in placed in the coming weeks.

Intensive Tutoring Programme

With the new space, there will also be a new intensive tutoring programme for children aged 4 to 12 years of age. This programme is aimed at helping children learn more effectively to achieve real results quickly. Our tutors will help them discover their learning styles, apply learning strategies, organize learning schedules, complete homework and prepare for tests and exams.

Enhanced Before and After School Services

New day care facilities and programme will be available with the new expansion, with new spaces for before and after school day care services in the morning and afternoon.

Stories and Cookies

We are delighted to invite all parents and children to the launch of our “Stories+Cookies” Project, scheduled on Saturday, 9 June 2012.

It is Our Vision to have a literate society where all young children have access to quality books and to discover the joy of reading.

The goal of the project is to encourage young children, especially the underprivileged, to read. By involving parents and the community, we can create meaningful, fun reading activities for the children around us.

Our project for the children in the community will include:

  • Library access

  • Story telling

  • Literacy activities

  • Reading Clinic – tutoring in reading skills: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin

  • Intensive tutoring for school language subjects for underprivileged children

On 9 June, the launch will feature a book fair to showcasing a variety of children books, including storybooks and materials from Scholastic, and the independent book distributor Ms Lau’s Book Company. Parents can take this opportunity to browse and purchase quality books at very attractive prices, from as low as RM4!

Children and parents can also join the project’s first story telling session by Ms Karen at 11am. This engaging story telling session will enhance the children’s reading experience and it is aimed to spark imagination and encourage reading amongst the children.

Friends of Stories+Cookies

Families of Kids Love Learning’s students are encouraged to partner the school in this community initiative, by becoming a Member of Stories+Cookies. As a member, the family can browse books in the library and borrow them to read at home, attend Reading Clinics, attend story-telling sessions, participate in literacy activities, and enjoy on-going special promotions.

You can also get your child involved in giving back to the community, as each member family is encouraged to support the Book Drive, where books from our fantastic story booklists can be purchased and stored at the library for member families and the underprivileged to borrow.

The Book Drive, book fair and story telling will be held once a month, on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The school will open its library to the public from 10am to 1pm on these Saturdays. Children accompanied by their parents or guardians, can enjoy a weekend morning of great fun, learning and sharing.

We hope you like what you read so far. We appreciate you patience and hope you can continue to support us in our initiatives to enhance early years education for our children.

Visit to check out our May 2012 Story Booklist, news and updates on the school.

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